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ID Group’s activities in the sphere of corporate social responsibility (CSR) are broad-based and comprehensive. In addition to rigorous attention to compliance, the Group makes concerted efforts to promote diversity, preserve the environment, support activities in education, culture and fine arts, and provides vital backing to local volunteer programs. On this page we offer a detailed look at the many CSR activities of ID Group.

Strict and Thorough Compliance

Obtaining public certification

To establish robust management systems for protection of personal information, quality control and information security, ID Group has obtained certification under the following systems.

Towards the Realization of Various Ways of Working

ID Group has obtained its fourth Kurumin mark

Kurumin mark

One of Japan’s most serious social problems is the nation’s declining birthrate. To do their part in addressing this issue, companies must seek ways to support both work and family life. June 2015, in recognition of its outstanding track record in supporting child-rearing, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) awarded ID Group its Kurumin mark. This occasion marked the fourth such award for ID Group, which won this Ministerial certification in October 2007, November 2009 and February 2013.

Acquisition of the L-boshi mark with the highest evaluation (certification level 3)

Acquisition of the L-boshi mark

Women’s participation in the labor force has been rising in Japan in recent years. Yet many women find it difficult to continue working or to get ahead in their careers, owing to the combined pressure of work and family life. In recognition of its efforts in promoting a fuller role for women in society, ID Group was awarded the MHLW’s L-boshi mark in August 2016.

Creating employment opportunities for the disabled

Creating employment opportunities for the disabled

The ID Group regards employment of the disabled as an integral component of diversity, and proudly works actively to create employment opportunities for those with disabilities. In January 2014, the ID Group established AI Factory Co., Ltd. in Tottori, Tottori Prefecture. In May 2016 this facility earned certification as a “special subsidiary company*.”
Repurposing a closed primary school as its base of operations, AI Factory is an all-weather plant factory (enclosed growing system) that uses LED lighting, focusing on organic foliage plants. Through initiatives such as AI Factory, the ID Group plans to expand employment of the disabled by tackling challenging opportunities in a wide variety of fields.

* Special subsidiary company: A company that is approved, based on certain conditions, as an entity for the purpose of promoting and stabilizing employment opportunities for the disabled in accordance with the Act for Promotion of Employment of Persons with Disabilities.

Preserving the Precious Environment

Building an environmental management system

Each company needs to establish a system for continuously improving its environmental performance, which consists of steadily reducing the environmental impact of its business activities, products and services. ID Group has obtained certification under ISO14001, the ISO standard for environmental management systems.

Participation in the Fun to Share campaign

ID Group participates in the Fun to Share campaign on climate change. The Group introduces topics that employees and their families can tackle and encourages everyone to take part.


Supporting Education, Fine Arts and Cultural Activities

Scholarship established at HUST

Huazhong University of Science & Technology (HUST) is located in Wuhan, Hubei Province, one of China’s foremost centers of IT industry. In September 2006, ID Group established a scholarship at HUST, with the main aim of assisting students who are unable to enroll for economic reasons. As of 2016, a total of 42 students have benefited from this scholarship.

Fund for Japanese language classes at Hubei University of Economics

To stimulate the development of IT operations between Japan and China, and to reinforce collaborative ties between Japanese companies and Chinese universities in the software field, ID Group established a fund for Japanese language classes at the School of Information Engineering, Hubei University of Economics in November 2008. The fund supports students wishing to improve their Japanese language skills to work in Japan’s IT sector after graduation. ID Group is strongly committed to attracting engineers with strong Japanese language skills.

Japanese language scholarship system for Jianghan University

At Jianghan University, located in Wuhan, Hubei Province, ID Group has established a scholarship for Japanese language studies. The Group hopes that this scholarship will promote the exchange and development of IT business between Japan and China and enhance the development of IT outsourcing personnel in the Wuhan region. The Japanese language classes will be made available to third-year students, and students with outstanding academic results will be awarded scholarships.

Acceptance of exchange students in employee dormitories

Since 2011 the ID Group has continuously accepted exchange students, arriving from countries around the world to study in Japan, to stay in the Group’s employee dormitories. This initiative forms part of the ID Group’s support for the Acceptance of Exchange Students in Employee Dormitories Program, launched by the Foundation of Corporate Friendship Network for Foreign Students for the purpose of fostering mutual understanding between Japan and other countries around the world. To provide a full roster of exchange activities for resident exchange students to enjoy, the ID Group organizes exchange events in the dormitories. The ID Group will continue to welcome exchange students enthusiastically through these and other initiatives.

Research assistance for next-generation education

ID Group supports the research efforts of clinical psychologist Keiko Iwamiya. Drawing on her experience on the front lines of psychotherapy, Dr. Iwamiya examines approaches for the healthy mental development of children in a low-birthrate era and the challenges adults face in their efforts to foster that healthy growth. 

Supporting Education, Fine Arts and Cultural Activities

ID Group wants everyone to enjoy the magic of outstanding artistic and cultural achievement. Guided by that goal, the Group enthusiastically supports the activities of Tsuruga Wakasanojo, Living National Treasure and 11th Iemoto of the Tsuruga School of Shinnai joruri (a form of dramatic recitation); and La Sociedad De La Guitarra España Japón (the Spain-Japan Guitar Society).

Supporting Education, Fine Arts and Cultural Activities

Sponsorship Activities

Sponsorship of the Hinomaru Sailors of the Japan Sailing Federation

Employee volunteers of ID Group are assiduously preparing for the sailing events in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Their efforts range from training support for Japan’s national sailing team, the Hinomaru Sailors, to management support for the sailing events and cleaning up the coastal waters where the international contests will be held. By supporting the Hinomaru Sailors, ID Group is joining the team’s fans in building a dynamic and exciting future.

Sponsorship of the Hinomaru Sailors

Sponsorship of Venture Café Tokyo, a community that drives innovation

Venture Café was created as an ecosystem that nurtures and stimulates creative processes, where entrepreneurs, investors, researchers and various other change agents can gather and foster innovation. Today Venture Café locations are in operation in six cities worldwide, centering on North America and Europe. As a Group committed to driving innovation forward, ID Group is pleased to support the operations of Venture Café Tokyo. The Group expects Venture Café Tokyo to provide the seeds of new creative directions and synergies with ID Group projects. By partnering with such an organization, the Group seeks to boost the growth of its operations and contribute to the creation of made-in-Japan innovation.


Sponsorship of the third National Mountain Day Commemorative Festival in Tottori

The corporate activities of ID Group in Tottori Prefecture are deeply rooted in the local community, as evidenced by the Group’s foundation of AI Factory Co., Ltd., a special subsidiary. That is why, when Tottori was announced as the site of the third National Mountain Day Commemorative Festival, we were pleased to sponsor and support the event. Mountain Day was established in 2016 as a day to create opportunities to know mountains better and to give thanks for the bounty of the mountains. The National Mountain Day Commemorative Festival aims to spread understanding of the significance of Mountain Day far and wide.

National Mountain Day

Support for land mine removal activities

ID Group is a supporter of Japan Mine Action Service (JMAS) Palau. JMAS Palau removes explosive remains of war in the coastal waters of the Republic of Palau. The organization’s aim is to create a safe living environment for the people of Palau and foster a supportive environment for regional economic activity.