Management Strategy

The Mid-Term Management Plan「I-vision 50」

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The ID Group implemented the mid-term management plan, I-vision 50 (FY2016 – FY2018), to grow the business as the Company approaches the 50th anniversary of its founding in 2019.

3 Basic Policies

Numerical Targets

Essence of Strategy

1. Work style reforms

The entire Company is addressing the way it works, with an emphasis on the importance of a work-life balance and the creation of attractive workplaces to help improve productivity and keep talented personnel*. *The Company believes that our employees are precious resources, not just a means to an end.

2. Structural reforms

The Company is fundamentally reforming how it does business without fixating on past business practices, and creating new business processes. It is also attempting to improve the organization’s overall productivity by promoting transfers of authority or IT systemization.

3. Adopting new technologies

The Company is aggressively adopting new technologies to make its existing services more competitive and improve productivity and quality.

4. Diversity and inclusion

The Company is refining its training techniques and diversifying so that it can keep pace with the ever-changing business environment and stimulate the organization as it pursues global strategies.

5. Global business promotion

The Company is aggressively expanding overseas to assist other Japanese companies with their own overseas expansion and to increase its global competitiveness. The Company has begun to offer higher quality products and services to overseas clients and provides a 24/7 support system through its eight overseas bases.

6. Strengthening the governance of consolidated management activities

The Company is working to bring together solutions and maximize corporate value by communicating closely with the 12 bases of operations in and outside of Japan. The Company strives to quickly ascertain management information, including the personnel and know-how at each base and the state of operations, and resolve customers’ issues as a cohesive group.

7. Business operations outsourcing (BOO)

The ID Group has a diverse line-up of businesses, ranging from system operation management, software development, cybersecurity, and consulting.

BOO is a strategy for providing a wide range of services to individual customers, and the ID Group aims to provide these services to customers in Japan and overseas.