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ID started out in the information services industry as an independent data entry company for banks in the year 1969.


As we deepened our relationships with companies in the financial, gas, electric, transport, and manufacturing industries, we moved to offering new services such as IT infrastructure setup, software development, system management, and IT security. We will have our 50 year corporate anniversary in 2019.


Additionally, we are actively expanding in the fields of global business and IT security. If you are a motivated individual, you can be a part of this new expansion.

A Combination of both Hard & Soft Skills is Key

In order to offer the most optimal service to customers, we coach our employees to give them both hard (technical) and soft (human) skills. These skills constitute a forward facing tough employee than can tackle any challenge. In order to change with technology in the IT industry, employees must constantly seek to improve themselves with new knowledge and skillsets. At the same time, it’s also necessary to work on communication in the work place as well as other soft skills.


To that end, we fully support our employees by providing a well-constructed training system to keep motivation and efforts as high as possible. If you are willing and ambitious to improve yourself on a daily basis, you’ll fit in very well here at ID.

Supporting Your Personal & Work Life

As well as promoting diversity and other various systems, ID respects the lifestyles and motivation that support our employees. It’s also a possibility to try many different types of jobs while employed at ID. We are also actively promoting a healthy work-life balance for all of our employees. In order to do that, we are implementing systems related to work process reform. For example, cutting overtime hours, making it easier to take vacations, and allowing everyone to work using their own unique style. If we can provide such a workplace to our employees, they can relax at home and have more private time outside of the office.