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Q. Is there an age limit when it comes to employment at ID?

No, however we do expect our employees to be competent in relation to their age
However, there are age restrictions when it comes to company dormitories.
Please check the information below.
“Is housing allowance provided?”

Q. Do you hire your applicants based on anything other than their level of education and major?

Our selection process takes everything into account, including how you perform on your aptitude test. As long as you have an interest in the IT industry, we want to meet you!

Q. Will IT related certifications affect my conditions of recruitment?

While we do take certifications into account, they are never a deciding factor for us. We look at an applicant's experience with IT, and their performance during their time as a student. Many things culminate together to assist us in making our decisions in recruitment.

Q. I know absolutely nothing about IT, should I still apply?

Before our employees enter the organization, they are enrolled into an e-learning program that teaches them the necessary basics of IT. After employees enter the organization, they are put through core training and will learn advanced skills in a given area of IT or development. Our employees always challenge themselves to improve their IT skills, so it's always in an applicant's best interest to do the same.

Q. Will I be able to obtain my desired position?

We will take your desired position into account, however the organization will ultimately decide your position.

Q. Can I request to change my position after my initial assignment?

Yes, you may submit a request to change your position. Depending upon which positions are needed and what your current skills are, the company may or may not permit said request for change.

Q. Can I choose my work location? Can I request to change my work location after it's been decided?

Our employees are often placed in client located worksites; this will be decided by the organization. Based upon the skills our employees acquire during basic training, their work locations are then decided. Work locations are mainly in the general Tokyo area, however other worksites are located in Osaka, San'in, Nagoya, Takamatsu, Matsuyama, and many more including overseas work locations (China, America, Singapore, etc.).

Q. Will I be requested to work overtime or to work on holidays?

Just like most companies, there will be times that are busier than normal. During those times, you may be requested to work overtime or on your holidays. However, our company treasures work life balance, and we do our best to care for our employees. If you attend one of our company information seminars, you will have a chance to talk to current employees and ask them any questions relating to this topic.

Q. What is the pre-employment training like?

As a full fledged member of society, you'll be expected to learn basic mannerisms, IT knowledge, and business skills as well. On the job training will also take place for all employees.

Q. The training process seems very detailed, what kinds of courses are offered?

To spell it out broadly, our employees undergo training for both "hard skills" and "soft skills". Delving deeper into the process, areas of training that one may register for could fall under: group training, e-learning, distance learning, and many more. There are a multitude of different types of training that will help prepare you to pass certification and licensing examinations as well. All of these can be set to match an employee's growth speed, and special topics of interest.

Q. Is housing allowance provided?

No, however we do offer dormitories in the immediate Tokyo area for employees who fit the requirements below.

1.New recruits who have a commute of two or more hours

2.Singles who wish to move in order to more easily perform shift related operations

3.Below the age of 30

Q. Are maternity leave and childcare leave included in employee benefits?

Yes. In accordance with the Next Generation Education and Support Promotion Act, the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare has given ID the "Kurumin" mark for supporting child growth.Currently, A number of male and female employees are making use of this system. With CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in mind, our company is actively participating in creating institutions and initiatives that foster a workplace that combats the declining birthrate in Japan.

Q. Does ID hire non-Japanese employees?

Yes. ID welcomes applications from foreign exchange students, as well as those who are living abroad. ID has offices in a variety countries including China, Singapore, and America. Foreign workers comprise 10% of all group organizations within ID. With global expansion in mind, ID aims to increase the amount of non-Japanese employees in the near future.

Q. What does the gender ratio look like among employees at ID?

Of the 1,808 members currently employed at ID, 1,326 are male and 482 are female (As of March 31 2018).
Taking all group companies into account, there are about 2,500 employees here at ID.

Q. What is the average age of an employee at ID?

The average age of our employees is 39.12 years old. (As of March 31, 2018)

Q. Are there females that hold managerial positions?

Yes. Our organization prides itself on diversity. Gender plays no role in the career progression process; ID maintains an environment in where if an employee has passion and enthusiasm, they can take on a managerial position.

Q. When can I begin working abroad?

Our overseas subsidiaries mainly conduct IT related operations, sales, and recruitment. If your current position is related to the work being done in an overseas office, there is likely a chance that you will be able to work abroad even as a relatively inexperienced employee. Also, if you request to work abroad, there is a chance that you will be able to. In terms of recruitment and sales, we often have employees who have a very solid understanding of the company work abroad to carry out such tasks.