The Changing IT Environment

Business environments are changing ever more rapidly, constantly creating new issues for IT management. As the pace of business accelerates due to globalization, the growth of cloud-based services is bringing a shift toward mobile devices. So, faster response times are expected, even though the systems are becoming more complex. Meanwhile, cost cutting is always needed, and it is harder to find and keep qualified IT managers.

Our iD-CLOUD service uploads your system to the cloud. This eases the burden on your hardware, eliminates redundant IT resources, and opens up capacity. Our experts monitor and supervise systems and networks for your IT staff, providing increased system availability while lowering management costs.

Remote Operation and Monitoring Service

IT management will continue to grow more complex as companies contend with BYOD practices and greater use of the cloud. The constant demand for the latest technologies will continue to drive up IT expenses, too. But, everyone wants to cut costs. Optimization as a service (OaaS) addresses this dynamic by moving basic IT management activities to the cloud. This includes remote system monitoring and management by experienced IT engineers, and frees up in-house personnel to focus on tasks that are unique to your company.

Web Conferencing System

Our web conferencing solutions provide enhanced conferencing environments for real-time sharing—anytime and anywhere—of video, audio, and documentation (including handwritten notes). Cloud conferencing equips your business for seamless communication across multiple, far flung locations.

Support for Migration to the Cloud

Cloud services tailored to your needs

The advantages of the cloud have gained widespread acceptance, and companies are increasingly adopting a “cloud first” policy for their IT system architecture. Information Development will tailor optimal cloud-based services to fit your needs. Our services cover everything from system architecture, to migration, and operations management, which a core strength, as we have been supporting major financial institutions for 40 years. We provide comprehensive support that is a blend of precisely applied technologies and meticulous attention to detail.