IT Platform Service

What is IT Platform Service?

In our IT Platform Service, we will build an easy-to-operate IT platform that makes use of our abundant operational experience to meet various ICT needs that are shifting significantly toward multi-cloud and mobile orientation.

IT platform construction that matches needs
Based on operational experience cultivated over many years, we will construct an IT platform with efficient and stable operations in mind. We will also closely share information with software development departments and security departments.
In addition to promoting standardization and automation, ID will respond to trust from customers by thorough design and construction which reduces the operational burden on customers and reduces the total cost from installation to operation.



By leveraging our strengths as an independent company and utilizing our extensive know-how cultivated over many years, ID combines various products to design and construct the optimal IT infrastructure for the customer’s business requirements, without depending on specific hardware, OS, or middleware.
In addition to on-premise infrastructure, we also support a wide range of ICT needs that are shifting significantly, such as virtualization and multi-cloud.

More than 300 specialists

High-quality services are provided by our specialists who possess actual experience in construction and operation.
Additionally, as a member of the AWS Partner Network (APN), ID is certified as an APN Select Consulting Partner (SI). We focus on cultivating engineers who are familiar with multiple cloud services such as AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.

System operation design for peace of mind and trust

ID has experience in IT infrastructure construction and operation design in various industries such as finance, air transportation, and energy. Through measures such as standardization and automation using scripts, we construct mechanisms for safe and efficient operation in response to various issues faced by the customer; for example, complicated operation and operation that is prone to mistakes.

The service will solve problems such as the following.

  • Want to construct an optimal system for work requirements
  • Want to try using the cloud, but don’t know where to start
  • Need to consider transition to cloud services such as AWS and Azure...
  • Want to realize efficient system operation despite having complex requirements and needs
  • No human resources with know-how in IT infrastructure construction

Provided services

IT infrastructure construction service

ID utilizes extensive experience in infrastructure development to provide IT infrastructure. We will design the system construction and operation based on a more appropriate policy by integrating customer requirements and requirements conceived by our company.
In addition to on-premise IT infrastructure, we also consider a wide range of infrastructure such as virtual machines and multi-cloud. ★ By proposing the optimal infrastructure for the defined requirements, ID can provide an IT infrastructure that achieves maximum performance. For premise-cloud or cloud-cloud links that are difficult to solve with existing middleware and applications alone, flexible response is possible by creating original tools.

Operation design/construction service

ID will construct operations that enable automation which meet requirements/needs and achieve efficient system operation.
For example, we construct systems based on efficient operational design which enables unification of operation policies such as automating operations performed on a daily, weekly, and as necessary basis, backup operations, log management, and library management, and enables risk control associated with incident identification, cause clarification, and change of work enabled by standardization of the operation process.

Project management support service

Business support is provided by human resources that possess know-how in IT infrastructure construction. This makes it possible to implement various adjustments such as creating management tables, checking the progress status, and reviewing vendor deliverables, and to reduce the burden of project management. Furthermore, by providing support from the perspectives of both the customer and the vendor, it is possible to detect and solve problems at an early stage.

Examples of Introduction