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In today’s increasingly complex IT environment, security has become a key business challenge. A single security incident could instantly wipe out your enterprise value. Information Development has the solid technological strength, backed by deep experience, to provide flexible security solutions that perfectly match your needs.


Solutions with the best product combinations

We handle products from many vendors, and design optimal solutions for your environment, goals, and budget.

Our Services

SOC Automation with AI – Seceon OTM

We use the latest technologies, including AI and machine learning, to protect networks from threats.

Security Services

We work efficiently to ensure fast, precise system operations.

Anti-Malware Applications

We offer a wide range of custom configurations, from anti-virus software to the latest security products.

Gateway Protection

Unwanted communication stays out. Proprietary communication stays in. We configure your gateway to match your business systems.

Integrated Management and Authentication Management

We work efficiently to ensure fast, precise system operations.