System Platforms

ID provides system platform environments using hardware and software packages that are precisely engineered to meet your system needs.


Comprehensive support for value creation, from consulting to maintenance and operations

Within the ID group, the System Operations, Software Development, and Security departments regularly collaborate, and our 300-plus developers provide high-quality platforms for clients in banking, transport, energy, and other sectors.

System platform architecture services that will give you a reliable product and peace of mind

For any enterprise, system operations are more important than architecture. A system that’s hard to use or prone to errors is unreliable for mission-critical work. We factor in operational quality at the platform design and building stage to make life easier for your operating staff and to create mechanisms that facilitate reliable and efficient operations.

Building energy-efficient and serviceable system platforms

With vendor software and shell scripts, we design and assemble all system elements—from autostart, to backup acquisition, and auto-switching triggered by malfunction—to achieve stable operation, cut costs, and save energy.

Creating a system platform that is optimal for you

Information Development is free from affiliation with any business groups, and our solutions are therefore not limited to certain types of hardware, operating systems, or programming languages. We look at every situation from your perspective, and put our system-operations expertise to work to serve your unique needs.