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The environment in which the IT service industry operates is changing dramatically all the time, amid dramatic leaps forward in information and communication technology. Customers’ needs for IT change every day, growing ever more sophisticated and diversified.

INFORMATION DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD. is determined to deliver prompt response to customer needs. To that end, the Company is accelerating its development of high-level engineers while reinforcing its promotion of customer DX in coordination with partner companies. INFORMATION DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD. is also committing efforts to develop original solutions in future growth areas such as cloud computing and cybersecurity. Our aim is to advance the transformation of business models through the promotion of DX while creating outstanding services as only INFORMATION DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD. can.

To continue to be an indispensable partner for customers’ business development, INFORMATION DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD. will continue tackling the most daunting challenges, to respond flexibly to the changing times.

April 1, 2023
President and Representative Director

Tomoko Takehara