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As the core company of the ID Group, INFORMATION DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD. offers a one-stop service covering every field of IT, from consulting services to software development, system operation management, IT infrastructure, and cybersecurity.

In the past few years, amidst a rapidly changing business environment, the need for business transformation that takes full advantage of digital technology has remained strong. In order to promptly respond to our clients’ needs, INFORMATION DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD. will accelerate the training and development of our engineers, and in cooperation with our partners, further strengthen our clients’ digital transformation (DX) promotion. Furthermore, we aim to expand the scope of our business by developing proprietary solutions in the future growth areas of cloud computing and cybersecurity.

In the fast-changing IT industry, we at INFORMATION DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD. strive to be an indispensable IT engineering partner that firmly and accurately understands current trends, and thus brings about an exciting (Waku-Waku) future for everyone.

April 1, 2022
President and Representative Director

Toshio Yamakawa