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Information Development (“we,” “us,” or the “company”) contributes to the sound development of an advanced information-driven society as a member of the information service industry, and makes every effort—together with all our officers and employees—to properly fulfill our social responsibility to protect the personal information that we obtain in our business activities (including specific personal information).

Our Personal Information Protection Policy

    1. 1.Whenever we collect personal information, we will specify the purpose of use, collect the personal information by fair and legitimate means, and use or provide it only within the scope of the intended use, and if we use or provide personal information beyond that, we will obtain the subject individual’s consent first. However, we do not use or provide specific personal information beyond the intended use, regardless of consent.

    1. 2.Management and all employees, etc. (including contract employees, part-time employees, temporary staff, and service providers) are obligated to comply with all the laws, standards and guidelines regarding personal information provided by the government.

    1. 3.We will establish the necessary internal rules—e.g., a code of conduct or implementation standards—to ensure that personal information is protected (the “Personal Information Protection Management System”).

    1. 4.We will always apply our best safety management measures to protect against risks related to personal information, including the leak, loss, or damage thereof.

    1. 5.We will set up a hotline and respond appropriately to any complaints or requests for consultations regarding the company’s handling of personal information.

  1. 6.We will make every effort to improve our Personal Information Protection Management System by way of conducting internal audits and monitoring managerial conditions to maintain a proper system for protecting personal information.

Effective date: April 1, 2003
Revised: October 1, 2017
Masaki Funakoshi, President and Representative Director

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