ID America is launching a Meetup Group in Boston called “Demystifying Web3” which will focus on Web3 topics

NEWS 2023-02-17

ID America is launching a Meetup Group in Boston called 

Demystifying Web3” which will focus on Web3 topics

~It will be a platform for the dissemination of Web3 as well as networking~

February 2023: INFORMATION DEVELOPMENT AMERICA INC. (Headquarters: Massachusetts, USA, hereinafter referred to as ID America)   will be launching a new Meetup Group in Boston called “Demystifying Web3” which will be for research and networking with regard to Web3. . We plan to have 5 events in total and our first event will be held on February 23rd at the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) Cambridge
■Overview of Demystifying Web3
As a rapidly growing technology Web3 is becoming increasingly relevant in today's digital landscape. Demystifying Web3 is designed for individuals who are curious about the potential of Web3 and its applications. We will focus on the following five topics:
  • Web3
  • Blockchain
  • NFT
  • DAO
  • Metaverse 
The Meetup Group is an initiative for general information gathering and knowledge acquisition on the previously listed five topics, providing a platform for networking, learning, and professional development for those who want to understand the basics of Web3.
Seminar 1 – Web3: Understanding the Next Evolution of the Internet

■About ID America
ID America develops software, recruits and trains human resources, and conducts market research in the United States. It also promotes the development of engineers and the sharing of the ID Group's business know-how as part of the ID Group's global strategy.
Address: 245 First Street, Suite 1800, Cambridge MA 02142
Representative: Masaki Funakoshi (Director & Chairman)
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