IT Asset Management Solution: AssetView

What is AssetView?

AssetView is comprehensive IT security for protecting the customer’s organization and information. In recent years, threats continue to increase and cyberattacks are becoming more diversified. Therefore, it is essential to implement security measures for the endpoints which are corporate IT assets. In particular, measures against information leakage must be comprehensively managed from many different angles. At the same time, in order to minimize the cost of introducing IT security measures, it is also important to select and implement the functions required for the customer's environment. With AssetView, users can select such functions and reduce the burden on those in charge of corporate information systems. This reduces system introduction costs and improves operational efficiency.


  • Introduction is possible from a single function to custom-made selection of multiple functions
  • 15 types of functions can be added after introduction
  • Achieves maximum efficiency at minimum cost
  • Supports planning and phased introduction through each step according to the situation of asset management at the customer
  • Offers intuitive operation similar to a web browser, and efficient extraction/correction of information similar to Excel
  • Enables gradual introduction of functions
  • Also enables flexible addition of licenses
  • Cloud service is available in addition to on premise service

The service will solve problems such as the following:

  • Want to efficiently and easily manage assets
  • Want to safely manage updates after migrating to Windows 10
  • Want to prevent infection by new viruses
  • Want to respond to leakage of internal data
  • Want to monitor and control employee behavior during work
  • Want to restrict access to prohibited sites, SNS, etc.

Main Functions

On-premise Cloud
  • Basic inventory acquisition
  • Alert notification settings
  • Automatic log backup
  • Automatic reports (20 forms)
  • Automatic sorting of administrative groups
  • Registration/privilege setting for administrative accounts
  • Basic questionnaire streaming
  • Message streaming
  • Custom view (display unique conditions of HW information)
  • Send commands (vPro/WOL)
  • Stand-alone response tools
  • Power management, screen saver settings
  • Acquisition/management of hardware information
  • Acquisition/management of installed application information
  • Management of arbitrary items (user added columns)
  • Arbitrary questionnaire streaming/responses
  • Management of software licenses
  • Display post-it notes on the desktop
  • Search for arbitrary files
  • Apply for license usage
  • Alive monitoring
  • Automatic file distribution
  • Automatic program execution
  • Automatic settings update (edit INI file/registry)
  • Automatic OS shutdown/restart
  • Automatic computer operation (macromation)
  • Decentralized distribution mechanism (multicast streaming)
  • Unicast streaming to the mirrored computer (streaming through relay terminal)
  • WSUS linkage
  • Collect operation logs from computers
  • Trace file operation
  • Program startup: Warning/prohibition
  • File operation: Warning/prohibition
  • Display graph of operation status
  • Simple web filtering
  • Manage Windows firewall
  • Search for personal information files
  • Search for confidential information files
  • Search for specific personal information files
  • Confirm results of detected files (acquire breakdown)
  • Real-time alert (M/I linkage) when operating an personal information/confidential file
  • Automatic encryption of detected file (I/K linkage)
  • Isolation/complete deletion of detected file
  • Acquisition/management of USB device information
  • Individual control of USB devices
  • Control of optical disk, SD/FD/MO
  • Apply for device usage
  • Individual control of Wi-Fi access points/Bluetooth devices
  • Acquire list of files in USB device
  • Detect unauthorized computer (confirm MAC address via ARP request)
  • Block unauthorized computer (block NW connection of unapproved MAC addresses)
  • Automatic registration of network devices
  • Specify control by IP address range
  • Remote operation of client computer (shared screen)
  • File transfer
  • Paint mode
  • Request approval of remote connection
  • Internet remote console
  • Internet access control (access permitted, access prohibited, viewing only, writing prohibited)
  • Automatic update of high-precision database
  • Program communication control
  • Control specifications for web writing size
  • Settings for filtering only for other than internal NW
  • File encryption (AES 256 bit)
  • Set access privilege for files
  • Set restrictions for files (number of access time, deadline, prohibition of printing)
  • Trace/delete files
  • Set automatic encryption of folders
  • Link with Active Directory
  • Automatic encryption of files attached to emails (only Microsoft Outlook)
  • Automatic encryption of cloud storage (only Dropbox/OneDrive)
  • Support for iOS/Android/Windows
  • Acquire position information
  • Remote lock/remote wipe
  • Acquire information on hardware/installed application
  • Function restrictions for devices, distribution of management policy
  • Virus scan
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Automatic scan at time of USB device connection
  • Detect behavior
  • Ransomware countermeasures
  • Phishing countermeasures
  • Automatic download of streaming program
  • Systemically stream QU and grasp streaming details
  • Control of Windows update (disable automatic updates)
  • Decentralized distribution mechanism (multicast streaming)
  • Unicast streaming to the mirrored computer unicast streaming (streaming through relay terminal)
  • Manage vulnerabilities of third-party applications
  • Acquire log of sent emails
  • Save attached files
  • Acquire log of web-based email
  • Search email log
  • Record screen operations
  • Acquire screen capture of unauthorized operation
  • Scheduled recording
  • Recording using time shift function
  • High-speed log search
  • Long-term save