Secure Internet Gateway: Cloudflare for Teams

What is Cloudflare for Teams?

Cloudflare for Teams protects data while maintaining user performance. Cloudflare for Teams is a security solution that achieves data protection on both sides, such as access to internally managed applications and the public internet environment. The solution protects the customer internet environment and devices from cyberattacks by using zero trust security “Access” for in-house applications, as well as the fast and easy secure web gateway “Gateway.”


Zero trust security “Access”

  • Customers can build a zero trust security environment for their internal applications on Cloudflare’s global network, and use a fast and secure web gateway.
  • User access control for applications
  • Fast granting and managing of privilege
  • Enables fast access to internal applications regardless of the device location
  • Monitoring and log management for user access

Secure web gateway “Gateway”

  • Batch management of access to internet
  • Improve performance and reduce cost of traffic
  • Detect and visualize devices which are damaged

The service will solve problems such as the following:

  • Want to construct an environment that enables safe access to internal applications
  • Want to implement zero trust security, and construct an environment for easy and safe connection by the user
  • Want to implement safe security for both the network and devices
  • Want to safely use the public internet with peace of mind
  • Want to simplify security management

Main Functions

Cloudflare for Teams

  • DNS base security and filtering of contents
  • Separate browsers which are constantly connected
  • High-level threat protection
  • Cloudflare Warp
  • Merge with SD-WAN
  • Cloud sandbox & file type management
  • Bandwidth control
  • Merge with CASB
  • Deep packet inspection
  • Data loss protection
  • Log merge using SIEM by third party