Remote Work Support System Using Smart Glasses IDEye

What is IDEye?

IDEye is a cloud service that facilitates communication between those working onsite and those working remotely through video and audio captured on smart glasses. On-site workers who are wearing the glasses are able to share real-time images, videos, and audio from their field of view. This enables the sharing of remote work instructions and allows for remote work confirmation, facilitating better and more effective communication on both ends. These hands free smart glasses allow for communication without the hassle of using other devices such as tablets and smartphones.


  • All OS and IDEye operations can be voice controlled, freeing up the hands for work.
  • Workers can log into the system simply by scanning the QR code with their smart glasses
  • Encrypts all data including QR code and communication data
  • High-level security through two-factor authentication
  • Device loss, theft, and unauthorized usage are handled through user management, device management, and history management

The service will solve the following problems:

Concerns of on-site workers

  • Wants to reduce the pipeline for confirming work
  • Wants to get manager confirmation that work being done is correctly
  • Needs real-time guidance with crisis-management
  • Information cannot be conveyed accurately by telephone and needs help navigating through an emergency

Concerns of Off-site managers

  • Wants to confirm on-site conditions from the  home or office
  • Communicating solely through audio is limiting and managers cannot grasp the full situation
  • Cannot grasp the entire situation from photographs
  • Wants to remain involved with on-site work,, but is unable to regularly commute to the project site
  • Asynchronous communication with workers is inefficient and takes longer than desired
  • Wants to pass down knowledge from more experienced  engineers to newer engineers

Main Functions

  • Send images, videos, and audio to remote locations in real time
  • Enables real-time confirmation of remote work
  • Hands are completely free for operation
  • Two-factor authentication using basic authentication and one-time passwords (web screen security)
  • Two-factor authentication using registered smart glasses and correct QR codes (smart glasses security)
  • Encryption using SSL
  • Recorded image/audio data is not saved to the server
  • Isolates the database from the internet by positioning it in a private segment
  • Encryption of important data
  • Identifies unauthorized usage in communication log
  • Allows management of access history for system

Special website set up for IDEye can be viewed here



Specifications for monocular smart glasses (RealWear HMT-1)

  • Dustproof, waterproof (IP66)
  • Durable: can be dropped from heights 2 meters or less
  • Can be used in temperatures ranging from -20℃ to 50℃
  • Battery life of up to 10 hours (4 to 5 hours for continuous operation using IDEye)
  • Battery can be replaced during use

IDEye operation environment

[Smart glasses]

  • RealWear HMT-1/HMT-1Z1


  • OS: Windows 7 Professional or higher
  • Browser: Google Chrome
  • HW token: C200 (Feitian Japan Co., Ltd.)