Remote Work Support System Using Smart Glasses IDEye

What is IDEye?

IDEye is a cloud service that allows the user to support and check work through video and audio from a remote location when workers wear smart glasses. A remote checker can engage in real-time sharing of images, video, and audio from the field of view of on-site workers who are wearing smart glasses. This enables remote work instructions and remote work confirmation, thus increasing the smooth efficiency of on-site work and confirmation work. Workers who wear smart glasses have their hands free for work. They are free from the hassle of using devices such as tablets and smartphones.


  • All OS operations and IDEye operations can be voice controlled, so hands are completely free for work
  • Workers can log in to the system simply by using their smart glasses to scan the QR code
  • Encrypt all data including QR code and communication data
  • High-level security through two-factor authentication
  • Device loss, theft, and unauthorized usage are handled through user management, device management, and history management

The service will solve problems such as the following.

Concerns of on-site workers

  • Want to confirm work by looking at actual worksite
  • Want to work while having work confirmed
  • Don’t know how to deal with accidents
  • A danger alert has occurred, but information cannot be conveyed accurately by telephone

Issues of checkers

  • Want to confirm on-site conditions from home or office
  • Difficult to grasp the situation only through telephone audio
  • Cannot grasp the entire situation from photographs taken for on-site confirmation
  • Want to conduct on-site confirmation, but unable to travel frequently for work
  • Providing follow-up to workers at a remote location takes a long time
  • Want to pass down know-how from veteran engineers to young engineers

Main Functions

  • Sending of images, videos, and audio to remote locations in real time
  • Enables confirmation of remote work
  • Hands are completely free for operation
  • Two-factor authentication using basic authentication and one-time passwords (web screen security)
  • Two-factor authentication using registered smart glasses and correct QR codes (smart glasses security)
  • Encryption using SSL
  • Recorded image/audio data is not saved to the server
  • Isolate the database from the internet by positioning it in a private segment
  • Encryption of important data
  • Identification of unauthorized usage in communication log
  • Management of access history for system

Special website set up for IDEye can be viewed here



Specifications for monocular smart glasses (RealWear HMT-1)

  • Dustproof, waterproof (IP66)
  • Resistant to being dropped from heights of 2 meters or less
  • Can be used in temperatures ranging from -20℃ to 50℃
  • Battery life of up to 10 hours (4 to 5 hours for continuous operation using IDEye)
  • Battery can be replaced during use

IDEye operation environment

[Smart glasses]

  • RealWear HMT-1/HMT-1Z1


  • OS: Windows 7 Professional or higher
  • Browser: Google Chrome
  • HW token: C200 (Feitian Japan Co., Ltd.)