Security Professional Services

What are Security Professional Services?

Security Professional Services focus on security related to system operation at the customer. While paying attention to safe operation and high availability, we will assist customers from a neutral standpoint and protect them from cybersecurity risks. Security engineers and evangelists will continue to support a series of security processes such as requirements, planning, construction, implementation, audit inspection, evaluation analysis, and improvement.


50 years of experience protecting critical infrastructure

We propose the optimum security for the customer’s system infrastructure based on experience and know-how accumulated over 50 years of continuous protection of important infrastructure in industries such as finance, energy, aviation, and manufacturing.

Proposals and services utilizing onsite information/results

We will ascertain the customer’s worries and visions based on onsite information and results. Furthermore, we directly grasp the customer’s needs, and provide accurate proposals and services.

Also supporting cutting-edge solutions

In addition to the basics of security measures, we also propose security for advanced technologies in recent years; for example, AI and OT.

The service will solve problems such as the following.

Main Services

Integrated service contents from requirements to improvements
Plan Cybersecurity Assessment and Roadmap Formulation Service (IT systems/control systems)
Information Security Assessment and Roadmap Formulation Service
Simple Packet Investigation Service (IT systems/control systems)
Implementation CSIRT Construction Consulting
Security Policy/Regulations Formulation Consulting
Cybersecurity Incident Response Education Training Service
Cybersecurity Education Service (creation of security education contents, etc.)
Construction Security Product Implementation Support/Construction Services
Inspection Targeted Attack Email Training Service
Vulnerability Diagnosis Service (IT systems/control systems)
Cloud Vulnerability Diagnosis Service (AWS)
Improvements Security Advisory Service
(provision of security information topics, recommendations and advice, cyber insurance)