Next-Generation Endpoint Security Trend Micro Apex One

What is Trend Micro Apex One?

Apex One is an antivirus product that features an easy-to-operate user interface. Cyberattacks are increasing every year. A company will incur substantial man-hours and costs if it independently implements security measures against cyberattacks. Threats are changing and becoming more sophisticated on a daily basis. This makes it difficult to manage devices such as computers that are removed from the company for teleworking, etc. Apex One assists customers in constructing a security environment that suits their environment. Apex One supports everything from product introduction to operation support; for example, enhanced advance protection against threats, reactive measures, and introduction of SaaS endpoint security.


  • Overall management for detection, investigation, and response
  • Use cloud-based technology infrastructure to resist new threats
  • Enables required measures for endpoint
  • Visualizes latent threats
  • Visualizes intrusion process
  • Investigates remote terminals

The service will solve problems such as the following.

  • High cost of introducing security management
  • Specialized knowledge required for operation management
  • Want to consider a transition from on-premise to cloud
  • Want to respond to changes in working style (telework, etc.)
  • Want to centralize management of terminals inside/outside the company

Main Functions

On-premise version SaaS version
Management server On-premise Cloud (Trend Micro operation)
Retention of EDR activity data On-premise Cloud
Retention period for EDR activity data Maximum of approx. 3 months (2GB) 30 days (default) / 90, 180, or 365 days (can be extended as an option)
OS supported by EDR Windows client only Windows server, Mac OS
Analysis of EDR online terminals Primary analysis only Detailed analysis is possible
Product linkage Link among on-premise products (CTD) Link among SaaS services (scheduled)
Sandbox On-premise DD series (other products) Cloud sandbox (optional)
Supports VDI Optional None
Information leakage measures Optional (DLP option) Standard incidental
AD linkage Available Available
Management of computers removed from company Requires an edge relay server Removed computer can be connected directly to server
VB usage rights for individual Available None