CDN & Web Security Cloudflare

What is Cloudflare?

Cloudflare is an all-in-one solution that provides a global CDN with unique performance optimization functions, and web security such as WAF and DDoS protection.


About performance services

  • Achieve high-speed content streaming provided by Anycast network and more than 165 data centers
  • Quicklyresolve DNS names and shorten response time
  • Use TLS 1.3 cache control, etc., to compress data and shorten connection time, and increase performance by controlling the contents cache
  • Shorten the streaming distance of contents by streaming from the Cloudflare service edge
  • Lighter payload image size for faster streaming
  • Reduce latency by using geography steering to route requests to the origin server
  • Speed up streaming by maintaining connections and optimizing routes
  • Speed up dynamic contents by compressing the origin payload

About security services

  • Highly-reliable secure DNS
  • Enterprise class DDoS attack protection
  • Easy SSL provisioning and management
  • Detection and detailed control of unauthorized traffic
  • WAF with intelligence collected from the entire Cloudflare network
  • Identifies and blocks malicious bot traffic

About DDoS attack protection solutions

  • Absorbs DDoS attack traffic in more than 175 data centers and the global Anycast network
  • Detects and blocks volumetric attacks at the edge
  • Protects your site from botnets by collecting fingerprints from HTTP requests
  • Blocks known malicious signatures in advance based on information shared on 14 million websites
  • Uses rate limiting to block difficult-to-detect application layer attacks

The service will solve problems such as the following.

  • Want to comprehensively protect devices and networks from threats on the internet
  • Want to improve web access performance
  • Want to reliably protect data saved in all devices
  • Feel uneasy regarding cyberattacks such as DDoS attacks which are increasing in recent years

Main Functions

Service type Function name Overview
Performance CDN Cache streaming from all 175 data centers
*Excludes streaming in China
Security Advanced
Protects against DDoS attacks on L3, L4 (transport layer) and L7 (application layer)
Uses IP reputation and automatic tools to detect and protect against cyberattacks
  • Protects the user website from the following vulnerabilities without modifying the existing backend infrastructure
    ◆ SQL injection
    ◆ Cross site scripting
    ◆ Cross-site request forgeries, etc.
  • Protects the user website from vulnerabilities detected in the Cloudflare network
  • Automatically updates WAF rules and propagates new rules through the Cloudflare network in less than 15 seconds
Rate Limit
  • Protects the user website or API from malicious traffic by blocking client IP addresses that exceed defined thresholds matching URL patterns
  • Filters the following requests and controls incoming traffic to the zone
    ◆ Location
    ◆ IP address
    ◆ User agent
    ◆ URL, etc.
Dedicated SSL
  • Arranges and operates SSL certificate
Reliability DN
  • Operates on the world's safest and fastest authoritative DNS network
  • Includes protection from DDoS attacks on DNS
  • From the highly-reliable provider Verisign, which provides two of the thirteen root name servers that support the entire internet