Multi-cloud service ID-Cross


About ID-Cross, a Multi-cloud service

Governed by consistent teamwork, ID-Cross  provides an end to end cloud migration process from  proposals to design and ,construction to migration and providing operations for your system. We perform cloud migration with advanced security technology in mind.

Do you have a problem with cloud migration and operation?

Our service will help solve the following problems.

  • Can’t organize the requirement for cloud migration.
  • Cloud migration is time consuming.
  • Is unsure which security system should be used.
  • The project exceeds budget.
  • Monthly payment varies due to the pay-per-use system.

Multi-Cloud Migration Service

We carry out cloud migration from on premise or other cloud services.
We design and build systems on a public cloud based on your request. Using our original requirement definition sheets and designing templates, we can curb the cost and shorten the duration for moving to the cloud without impacting the quality. Our security experts can provide you with outstanding advice.
As we are a stand-alone company, we can provide a flexible proposal to bolster your system’s security and take care of your cloud migration.

Managed Service for Multi-Cloud

On behalf of the customer, ID will provide secure cloud operations and maintenance services for your environment.
Our integrated control system enables us to smoothly practice incident management, failure notification, and reporting. According to the customer’s requirements, we carry out the routine tasks at a fixed timing: daily, weekly, or monthly.

Account Management

We can provide account management for all complex cloud environments, including administrator accounts. We can provide a fully managed service.

Four Remarkable features of ID-Cross

Speedy design, construction and migration service

We build cloud environments using original requirement definition sheets and designing templates. With years of abundant experience with IT systems, no matter how complex your requirement definitions are, our requirement definition sheets allow us to realize them. We also make use of original designing templates in the design phase. A cloud environment built through this proven method will offer high quality service.
In the case of moving to a public cloud from an on premise environment, costs can be saved by shortening the period of time between the designing to the build up. Utilizing our original tools, reducing system down time during migration is also attainable.

Advanced security by experts

We build a comprehensive security environment tailored to your needs. Flexibly set up, we meet your network access policy requirements.
In addition, we realize advanced security such as building and setting security services for AWS and Azure, introducing antivirus at endpoints and cloud instances such as EDR, and introducing AI analysis solution tools for network traffic.

Through building a comprehensive log audit environment or CASB construction, cloud usage can be visualized. This way, our security specialists can offer a thorough consultation.

Fixed monthly payment

We are handling a fixed monthly payment system for this service.
It includes the cloud usage fee, operation fees and maintenance fees. This makes for a clear expectation of monthly costs, which reduces the workload regarding the monthly usage management. It also makes sure you don’t have to worry about any extra costs.

Complete Operation Support

We can offer you a fully managed service which manages all your cloud accounts.
From migration and operation to account management, ID offers support for the complete process and provides a perfectly securely managed and maintained cloud environment.
You can completely entrust all your cloud operations to us. We deliver rapid notifications in the case of an incident, and we also report about the operations in detail.

Our services

Multi-Cloud Migration services

1. High quality design and speedy system construction.

Designing and building up the system matching your requirement, we re-construct your existing system on a public cloud such as AWS, Azure, and so on.
By utilizing our original RD sheet and designing templates, we can reduce the cost and shorten the migration period without compromising quality.

2. Advanced security services with dedicated security team

We provide services to construct a security environment that matches your needs and solves any issues you may have in your system. Adding to constructing systems, we provide a comprehensive solution, including operation services for security products.

3. Lean and quick system migration 

For system migration, we can curtail the down time by employing methods such as synchronizing data from physical source servers to cloud services like AWS, and  creating a quiescent point at a cross section of release.

The data updated during migration will be updated by difference when we synchronize all the data, which means you can work with the complete data soon after the migration. Furthermore, we can provide a testing environment similar to your production environment as early as within  5 days.  

Multi-Cloud Managed Service

1. Remote operation and management

All operations can be overseen remotely. We can manage your operations in datacenter remotely, and we operate these works  through ID Cloud Managed Center.
Security level and facility in ID Cloud Managed Center are in compliance with “Uptime Tier”, a data center facility standard.
Furthermore, we offer a fully managed service, that will provide you with intricate account management that includes administrator accounts for your cloud environment.

2. Monitoring and operation

Since our service is compatible  with public cloud platforms like AWS and Azure, we can remotely operate and monitor your cloud environment for you.  Monitoring of multi-cloud environment is done through our “Integrated Control System” that include incident management, incident notification, and reporting.

Case Study

No. Industry Service Detail
Transport PMO Project assistance migrating a hundred of business servers to
a virtual server on AWS. Supported middleware architect,introduction, operation planning, incident management and problem solving.
Insurance System Construction For two virtual servers on AWS, we built up a middlewareenvironment and created operational tool.
Manufacturer System Construction Built up AD, file servers, seven business application servers onAWS. Responsible for infrastructure design, operation design such asmonitoring and back-up procedure. Also supported implementation and release ofthe system.
Financial System Construction Built up two Web servers on AWS.
Responsible for infrastructure design, operation design such asmonitoring and back-up procedure. Also supported implementation and releaseof the system.
Financial System Construction Responsible for infrastructure design, operation design such asmonitoring and back-up procedure. Also supported implementation and release ofthe system.
Public Office System Construction and Operation Built a virtual server on AWS as an environment to run heavyloaded computation. Provided that environment to an end user and operatedload management.
Manufacturer System Construction Built up a packaging system on Azure.


Service Detail Conditions
Monitoring operation Providing Alive monitoring, Resource monitoring (CPU, Memory, Disk) Process monitoring, Alert monitoring. Reported by e-mail or phone call. Monitoring items and targets can be customized. Basic package: 1 node can monitor up to 10 end points.Monitoring for 10 or more end points will incur additional cost.
Handling system failure Based on the procedure manual for troubleshooting taken over from you, we will take measures against system failure. Triggered by monitoring alerts, we will start to respond the system failure. We will apply measures for troubleshooting within 30 minutes, will take up to 3 steps.

Optional Services

Service Detail Conditions
Resource Analysis Create and provide resource status confirmation and operation report. We offer resource expansion etc. as needed.
<Report in detail>
・ System operation status
・ Failure and alert status
・ Periodic maintenance
・ Task schedule for the next month
・ Performance analysis results for memory, HDD capacity, storage capacity, etc.
Performance analysis of memory, HDD capacity, storage capacity, etc. Create an operation report that allows you to understand the operation status of the system and the status of failure occurrence, and report it once a month.
Customized service Periodical and non-periodical work service. Implement the task based on client-side manuals.