Wi-Fi Security Solution WiSAS

What is Wi-Fi Security Solution WiSAS?

WiSAS is a solution that enhances security through constant monitoring and diagnostic analysis of wireless LAN (Wi-Fi). In recent years, it has increasingly common to use devices such as notebook computers, tablets, and smartphones with wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) connections. Consequently, there are concerns regarding the security of data communication over wireless networks and the security of device connections. Occasionally, the user may not even notice when they are connected to a Wi-Fi access point which contains a threat. Also, a cyberattack inside an organization will be possible if a wireless LAN access point installed in a company is fraudulently accessed. WiSAS services can prevent these threats in the wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) usage environment through constant monitoring and diagnostic analysis.


Constant monitoring

  • Hassle-free introduction without changing existing systems
  • Easy operation through automation of report generation and archiving
  • Issues an alert and blocks immediately when an unauthorized access point or unauthorized access is detected

Diagnostic analysis

  • Visualizes and optimizes wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) environment
  • Clarifies and optimizes sudden changes in the wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) environment
  • Provides guidance on threat prevention measures by visualizing vulnerabilities and problems in a wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) environment

The service will solve problems such as the following:

  • Want to safely operate APs
  • Want to prevent information leakage caused by use of unmanaged APs
  • Scared of virus infection when connecting to AP
  • Want to protect against unauthorized access using wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) devices
  • Want to protect against information leakage and virus infection caused by tethering
  • Want to protect against connection to impersonating APs
  • Want to  view all wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) in your company
  • Want to detect unmanaged APs
  • Want to view and manage which device is connected to which APs

Main Functions

Constant monitoring solution

  • Monitors the wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) environment 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Automatically detects security threats from the two elements of radio field intensity and duration of stay
  • Uses policy settings to automatically block threats
  • Issues alert when an unmanaged AP is discovered
  • Supports PCI DSS (protection of credit card and transaction information)

Diagnostic analysis solution

  • Visualizes wireless AP and terminal MAC address
  • Visualizes signal strength (dBm)
  • Visualizes wireless protocols, radio wave channels, and authentication/encryption methods
  • Visualizes AP/SSID information to which the terminal is connected
  • Visualizes/analyzes bias in connection to AP
  • Visualizes/analyzes AP radio wave interference and unstable operation
  • Detects a sudden increase/decrease in the number of connected devices per SSID
  • Detects a sudden increase/decrease in the number of APs
  • Investigation of permanent APs


Power specifications Power consumption 20W
AC adapter AC input 100-240V AC/1.5A
DC output 5V DC/4.0A
PoE standards IEEE802.3af
Shape External dimensions 210 mm (L)×167 mm (W)×53 mm (H)
Weight 0.6kg
Environmental conditions Humidity at time of operation 0℃~+35℃
Humidity at time of storage -20℃~+50℃
Humidity at time of operation +5%~+90%
*No condensation
Peripheral equipment AC power adapter
Mounting kit
*Used for installation on walls and ceilings