System Integration

What is system integration?

System integration supports all development for system needs required in all industries.
We are actively incorporating agile development, low-code development, and no-code development as new development styles that support the promotion of “digital transformation (DX).”


Global Innovation Center enables offshore and nearshore development

In addition to a base in Tokyo, our software development bases are organized as a Global Innovation Center that enables offshore and nearshore development in collaboration with multiple bases in Japan and overseas. One of the merits of having development resources in Japan and overseas is the shortened delivery time in distributed development through remote linkage of domestic and overseas bases leveraging time differences.

[Main development bases]

Human resources with broad business knowledge and high level of skill
Human resources with in-depth knowledge of the customer’s industry handle all stages from requirement definition and basic design in the upstream process to development. One of the characteristics of the human resources in charge is that many of them possess PMP certification as project management skills. Understanding the customer business makes it possible to incorporate knowledge/understanding of the business into system development.
Additionally, we are able to achieve fast development in different projects by utilizing our already extensive development results We also support reduction of running costs such as migrating existing on-premise systems to the cloud, and breaking away from legacy systems for DX (digital transformation).

Proposal capability that is not dependent on package
Instead of a proposal tailored to the existing package, we will develop a system tailored to the customer in total from infrastructure to operation. We possess flexible proposal capabilities that can provide system development according to the customer’s situation and requests. For example, we start by organizing work and then propose a package if there is a package which fits the work requirements, or propose development from scratch if there is no package.

Provided services

  • Web development
  • Smart device application development
  • Development related to ERP packages
  • Development for large multipurpose machines
  • Development of client server systems
  • EUC development support/EUC control

Examples of Introduction