System Operation Service

Operation services provided by ID

The ID Group provides on-site and remote services for operating customer systems 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with stable, high-quality services. In our remote operation service, regardless of the customer’s system configuration (on-premises environment, cloud environment, etc.), we access the customer’s environment from our operation base “ID Cloud Managed Center” and provide service at the same level as on-site operation. For customers who do not have internal IT personnel, we also provide an IT service desk that supports the entire information system at the customer's company.
Please trust the ID Group for total support of system operation from large-scale core systems to small-scale internal information systems.


50 years of experience in operating financial systems

By using the know-how we have accumulated over 50 years since our founding, the ID Group has a record of stable operation for major financial systems, which are social infrastructure.

Stable operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

The ID Group will provide stable and high-quality operation of customer IT infrastructure 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The IT infrastructure environment is compatible with both on-premises and cloud.

Promotion of automation by introducing RPA

Work efficiency is improved by automating the office work which had been performed manually.

Service quality of remote operation is at the same level of on-site

Remote operation is possible at the same level as on-site system operation. The ID Group also has a record of high-quality remote operation for customers involved in financial-related businesses. It also supports hybrid system operation that combines on-site and remote operation.

Technical support from the IT service desk

Staff who are deeply familiar with the system and have specialized knowledge can be assigned. For customers who do not have IT personnel or IT technical knowledge, we propose technical support from the IT service desk. We also offer an extensive technical support system from the headquarters side.

Promotion of quality improvement activities via the PDCA cycle

Quality improvement activities through the PDCA cycle will improve quality and reduce operating costs.
The customer on-site department promotes business improvement by promptly responding to customer issues and needs obtained from customer satisfaction surveys.
Furthermore, the quality control department at ID headquarters conducts customer satisfaction surveys and trouble analysis. It then improves the quality of provided services by giving feedback to each site to manage, support, and guide on-site activities.

The service will solve problems such as the following.

  • Want to change the in-house system, but don’t know how to proceed
  • No employees who understand IT
  • Our operational work is not standardized; it is complicated and prone to mistakes
  • There is a trend in work is the sole responsibility of a specific person, and work is suspended when the person in charge is absent
  • The person in charge is busy dealing with failures that occur outside of working hours, even at night and on holidays
  • Unable to concentrate on our main business (core business) because time is required to deal with system failures and respond to inquiries on the system
  • Worried about information asset risks such as information leakage and internal fraud
  • The company which constructed our system does not provide an operation service, and operation is a burden for our company
  • High cost is incurred to maintain and manage diversified and complicated IT systems
  • Currently, operation is only performed on-site, and there is concern about continuation of operation during a disaster.

List of provided services

  • Date Center Management Service (On-Site Operation Service)
     System operation, system operation management
  • Remote operation services
  • RPA introduction, operation, and maintenance services (increased efficiency through automation of operation)

  • System management
  • System operation design service
  • System operation and work operation
  • Monitoring and infrastructure maintenance operation
  • Security operation

  • IT service desk (IT help desk)
  • Data center service desk
  • Technical service desk
  • Business service desk

Example of Introduction

Example (1)

At the IT service desk of a major financial institution, ID Group provides not only primary support as a contact point for service requests, but also various types of technical support.

  • Secondary response for inquiries that cannot be resolved at the help desk
  • Kitting for mobile devices and computers; management of IT asset information
  • Support for investigation/analysis and selection/introduction of tools related to systemization planning
  • Management of security incidents for internal networks etc.

Example (2)

At major product manufacturers, we also provide services such as operation management of large-scale IT service desks; for example, desks with 5,000 client computers.

  • Operation management of client computers (from selection to replacement and return of leased computers)
  • Network operation management
  • Virtual server environment operation management etc.

Example (3)

At major distribution manufacturers, the ID Group also provides integrated support from selection of hardware to reconstruction of the internal IT environment in accordance with the customer’s request.

  • Select and sell approximately 100 hardware items such as servers and computers
  • Kitting, setting, and maintenance of servers, computers, etc.
  • Adjustment with vendors for package software, networks, etc. Etc.

Example (4)

We support system adjustment, migration, etc., in conjunction with relocation of the headquarters at a major credit union organization.

  • On-call and on-site implementation of maintenance and help desks
  • Support for network reconstruction, procurement of related equipment
  • Support for purchasing of racks, work desks, etc.
  • Consolidation of assets such as encryption tools and network storage; selection, sales, and setting of production management tools Etc.

Record in stable operation quality

・Data center management services